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Coach Krystal


Krystalized Health Advisor's mission is to educate and encourage communities and families to make healthy lifestyle choices to live their best lives.

Owner/Founder, Krystal Quagliara has worked with clients in the Health and Fitness industry since 2004. Throughout her years of service, Krystal discovered the importance of establishing healthy lifestyle habits, accountability, and community support for her client's success.

From one-on-one health and fitness coaching, virtual group and individual coaching packages, Krystal offers something for everyone. Her YouTube Channel offers home workouts, coaching and podcast interviews.

In January 2020, Krystal began "The Playful Life" podcast. The podcast features topics and interviews with physicians, mental health practitioners, alternative medicine practitioners, massage therapists, fitness professionals and more. Krystal believes, "living our best life, requires embracing a playful mindset to health and discovering what makes our souls happy."

Krystal partners with physicians across the United States to bridge the gap between medical care and Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) for patients. In some cases, medically endorsed supplementation is utilized to aid in lowering blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetes, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, weight management, and preventive medicine.

Krystal also partners with fitness and healthcare professionals to expand their practices to include virtual health coaching solutions and medically endorsed supplementation for prevention and performance.

Education is a top priority for Krystal. She is available for live and virtual speaking engagements such as corporate events, women's groups, community events and organizations, schools, and universities.

Discover a new relationship with yourself today.


Health benefits:

Weight Loss – Our macronutrient balanced and calorie controlled meals allow you to take the guess work out of eating right.
Revive Metabolism – Consistent meals and snacks (every 2-4 hours) will revive metabolism to get your body burning calories efficiently.
Improve Energy Levels – Balanced portions of macronutrients and consistent meal timing will balance blood sugar levels and control insulin leaving you energized all day long.
Drop Body Fat – The combination of lean proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates and heart healthy fats will turn your body into a fat burning machine.


Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Save Time: Fewer hours slaving away in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and prepping food.

  • Cost Savings: The average per meal cost for eating lunch/dinner out is $14.99. Our 24Fit Meals low-calorie meal plan averages just $9.00- 12.00 per meal without the wait!


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Nutrition Coach will create a customized meal plan based on your goals.

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