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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 24Fit Meals?

24Fit Meals is a meal prep service that provides customers with healthy, clean meals that are cooked, prepared & weighed out to meet every fitness goal. Our meals are fresh and are delivered straight to you. Upon reception our meals will stay good for 5-7 days if kept refrigerated. You can also put them in your freezer and they will remain good up to 3 weeks or 30 daysThese meals are prepared with high-quality meats, vegetables & clean carbohydrates that are made fresh every morning by our personal chef. Our meals are customizable with macros listed on each meal to help meet each & every fitness goal desired.

Order Quantity Recommendations?


We understand that it is expensive to order in larger quantities. However, we are forced to do this in order to ensure that you get your meals in a timely and safe manner. To maximize the value we recommend ordering in weekly quantities. Otherwise, we recommend ordering in quantities of 6,10,12, 20 as this matches up with how many meals we can fit in each of our different bags. 


What is the turnaround time once my order is placed for delivery?

2-3 business days following the day your order is placed and orders placed by 6pm Monday or Thursday will be available for delivery after 12pm the following delivery day on Monday or Thursday. If you have a specific day or time you would like meals to arrive please select a date and time on the calendar at checkout. We do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.

Where is the food prepared and cooked at?
Your food is prepared in a Commercial Kitchen, by a chef that has been highly trained and certified, and has years of experience in a gourmet kitchen.
What is the turnaround time for local pickups?

Pickup location – Orders placed by 4pm Monday or Thursday will be available for pick up after 12pm the following pickup day on Monday or Thursday. Please refer to our home page to see the list of all locations that are currently supporting us.


How does Pick-Up Work?


We are currently offering pick-up locations, in Northwest Indiana and in Illinois. However, we are expanding in the near future to more areas. You may pick up your meals anytime that is listed on the day of your choice. Pick up your meals by talking to someone at the front desk. Please have some form of ID that verifies who you are. 



How are your meals delivered?


We deliver and keep our meals cold but not frozen to whatever location you specify. Most companies choose to use dry ice, however, we think that takes away from the freshness of the meals. 


What is the shelf life of our meals?

4 to 6 days refrigerated. Up to 30 days frozen

What are the heating instructions?

Microwave for 90-120 seconds or desired temperate. Or heat oven to 325 degrees, remove the lid and lightly cover with foil for 10-15 minutes.

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