Health, Wellness and Faith

Krystal Quagliara, Integrative Health Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer

As an Integrative Health Coach, it is my belief that our health has three pillars: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. For me, it has been an impossible task to have one of these pillars exist without the other two.

My health and wellness is not something that came “naturally” or “easy” to me. Since a young age, I can remember being “on a diet”. I also struggled through mental and emotional distress in my childhood, which directly related to my poor physical health. It seemed like a continual loop…. I felt depressed and anxious so I ate… and I ate because I felt depressed and anxious.

You may be familiar with the pairing of mental wellness with physical wellness. For example, proper nutrition can promote brain function, boost mood and energy, improve sleep and so on. Exercise is also an important component to mental wellness. It can release endorphins for a “happy feeling”, build confidence and discipline and transfer to other areas of our lives.

I think it is likely less familiar to think about our “spiritual” health pillar in relation to the other two. Mainly, perhaps, because oftentimes the word “spiritual” can make us think of Religion. While practicing a specific religion may help us build our spiritual health, it is not the only component. Our Spirit, in my understanding, is our inner being. It is the way we relate to ourselves. It is the “person” in us that houses our hopes, dreams, desires, as well as our fears, struggles and pain. Just as it is crucial to feed our physical bodies and our minds with “good food” and “exercise” so it is so with our Spirit.

To me, Faith is a huge component of my Spiritual health. Having faith in a power greater than myself. Having faith in the process (a healthy lifestyle). Having faith in myself, through building confidence and communities.

I discovered my own path to wellness (physical, mental and spiritual) through applying stoic philosophies and practices to my life. Turning my mess into my message, I am on a mission to help others take control of their health and wellbeing.

In this podcast interview with Simon Drew on the “Walled Garden” podcast, I chat about my own journey to finding Harmony with these pillars of my health and some of the ways I practice each. I invite you to tune in, take what you like, and leave the rest.

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