Healthy Meal Prep Services are Blowing Up! Here’s Why!

As healthy meal delivery services continue to gain more and more popularity, one has to ask themselves…

What’s behind this radical shift in pop culture eating habits? Once upon a time, people were proud to cook, eat out and show off their food at every chance on social media!

But with more of society beginning to

prioritize their health & wellness and the increasing demand for convenience as Americans are busier than ever, the healthy meal delivery service industry continues to explode and reach heights most never thought to be possible!

If you have ever wondered if a healthy meal prep company would be right for you and want to make sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with before making the purchase, here are a few frequently asked questions we get asked at 24FIT MEALS to help you gain a better understanding…

Q: Why Are Meal Prep Companies Becoming So Popular?

A: There are a number of reasons why at play, so I’ll try to make it simple and only list the most compelling ones…

Convenience - No shopping, cooking or cleaning mountains of dirty pots, pans & dishes. These are 3 very attractive qualities for the average busy adult in the U.S. Not to mention you have the confidence of knowing each meal you reach for is healthy and will help bring you closer to your goals.

Flavor & Variety - At 24FIT MEALS, our chefs work tirelessly to create menus that are prepared with the cleanest, most delicious, assortment of ingredients. This helps make “dieting” easy, fun and sustainable for our clients.

Health - After the wake up call 2020 provided us, people want to be healthier. As we all know but sometimes fail to act in accordance with, there’s nothing that influences health more than the foods we eat.

Education - While some don’t have the time or desire to meal prep themselves, others simply don’t have the knowledge around nutrition to cook healthy meals. Macros, portion control, meal timing, what to eat etc. Healthy eating can be overwhelming for someone new to living a healthy lifestyle. When using a company like 24FIT MEALS, you’re provided with resources on nutrition, given direct access to our certified fitness & nutrition specialist and weight loss specialist, who have your back every step of the way!

Q: What Kind of Ingredients Are Used in These Meals?

A: Each of our menus is created using high quality ingredients such as organic produce and humanely raised clean proteins such as grass fed beef and humanely raised poultry provided @Marketwagon. Every meal is strategically created using a plethora of nutrient rich ingredients that help our clients achieve distinguished levels of health, fitness and aesthetics!

We take quality very seriously- So even our protein BITES are made with fresh organic ingredients! :)

Q: Should All My Meals Come From a Meal Prep Company?

A: That’s up to you! When you use a meal delivery service you typically have the opportunity to experience a lot more variety and higher quality foods with your diet. If you enjoy cooking when you have time, or plan to eat out a couple times per week with friends or family, you absolutely should! What’s important though when using a healthy meal company, is if you have a certain goal in mind, (like weight loss) when eating outside of your meal plan, you want to ensure you keep your macros consistent.

For example, we don’t want to undue 5 days of consistent healthy choices Monday - Friday with an all out, free for all, binge fest on the weekends! The same can be said if you’re eating good all day and then throwing discipline out the window at night via mindless snacking! Those extra calories quickly add up and will easily offset the calorie deficit needed to achieve weight loss.

As it relates to success with anything in life, especially dieting, to achieve the results you want there is absolutely nothing more important than consistency.

Q: How Do I Know It Will Work For Me?

A: If you stay consistent with healthy eating, you’re going to look, feel and function better, regardless if you’re using a meal delivery service or cooking on your own. That’s a fact. The reason most people fail a diet (statistics show 95% of those who start a diet will fail) is due to a lack of consistency. By using a company that does the work for you, the probability of a successful outcome is increased by 500%! (Or more)

We have helped change the lives of people through our proven system.

24FIT MEALS was created to make dieting fun, easy and convenient, by delivering your fresh, healthy meals directly to your door.