The best gift to give your kiddos?... YOU!

I have written and spoken about this topic many times, and it still remains really important in my heart to share. The best gift you can possibly give your kids, nieces and nephews, your siblings, your friends, your community… is YOU!

That’s right - You - ALIVE (Actively Living in Vitality Everyday)!

So often, adults are concerned with leaving a legacy of monetary inheritance behind for their children or even their community. I certainly believe that can be a noble idea, however, not at the cost of their own health and vitality. When I think about my own parents, all the money and riches in the world do not come close in comparison to extra years of their presence on earth, able to enjoy moments together in our lives.

According to recent data, only half of Americans have a Will planned for their end of life - less than that have a Living Will, and I am going to guess - because there is no study for this data - that there are much less adults in America who are depositing into the bank of their health and vitality to insure a good quality of life at the end stages of their lives.

This is a serious issue. Nutrition, muscle strength, endurance, balance, digestion, and cognitive function are all key players NOW in how we will live in the later years of our lives.

How long will Americans “kick the rock down the road” waiting for something to change?

The good news is, you can start depositing into that bank account today! Even by making one healthier choice for yourself daily, you can create a compounding positive momentum for your health. Whether it’s adding veggies to your plate, skipping dessert, moving your body with yoga or dance, going for a morning or evening walk, meditating, journaling, cutting out negative messaging and social media… these can all lead to better health and vitality for you years down the road.

Health coach, Chris Cave, agrees that vitality is a crucial component of raising children. It was an uncomfortable realization when his 5 year old son bounced on his belly as he laid in bed too tired to play or engage with him. I invite you to watch this interview with Chris. His personal experience and unique approaches to health may inspire you to take action on making small but profound changes in your health today.

Watch the Full Interview Here:

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