What does a successful nutrition program look like?


Whatever works for YOU. A good nutrition plan isn’t a one size fits all. We don’t expect each client to need the same things because each client is unique and wants to achieve unique goals. ⁣


We strongly urge clients to learn how to track and measure their intake because this is the most efficient way to control body composition and understand food. However, we do not require that you track and measure if it doesn’t work for your lifestyle. There are many other ways we can work together to achieve your goals. ⁣


Most importantly, we want to help you establish healthy habits that can be implemented any day of the week, NOT just mon-fri and NOT just when you are home or in control of your meals. Learning how to navigate life and all situations is important to us so you don’t feel anxious about going out to eat with friends or during a luncheon at work. ⁣


Do you have big goals for a healthy you in 2020? Why not start them now? The holidays are right around the corner and we think it’s important to learn how to handle them so you don’t go in with a “fit” mentality.⁣


We strongly urge you not to think of nutrition coaching as a quick fix. It takes time for each client to adjust to new habits. It takes time for the body to adjust to new foods. It takes time for the coach to understand the client. It takes time to change your body. Get what we’re saying? Think of investing in a nutrition coach like investing in a good skin care routine… you won’t necessarily see changes right away but it’s going to set you up for a healthy future.

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